Google Review
Google Review

From an event host-

​"I want to thank you for sending Josh to our Christmas Party. He was an excellent person and very well educated and polite.  Everything went smooth all night long.  I recommend him for what ever activity you may have in the future. This is the third time I have used your services and my family is very pleased with the quality of the school personnel."


From a student-

"It was gruelling at times, but I would definitely recommend it to people. Great school!"*

Josh J.

*(Teacher's note: "Gruelling" because there is a lot of material you need to learn to get behind a bar-which you can and will learn! That is why you're ready to bartend when you finish!

From a student-

"Great instructor. Shows respect to all. Works with each student's needs."

Forrest M.

Google Review

From a student-

"I can't say enough about (the instructor) and Portland Drink Lab Academy. Coming in with no experience behind the bar, I was mentored and shaped into a knowledgeable and creative cocktail crafting machine! The program is versatile and constantly evolving to maintain relevance. Even today, Katherine is one of the strongest resources as I now own my own liquid catering business and have been self-employed for over a year!!"


From an employer-

We had such a positive experience from hiring one of the graduates of Portland Drink Lab Academy that when the need arose again recently we went right back to the school for more applicants. So far we are very pleased and will do it again." 


Sherwood Elks

From a student-

"School was recommeded to me by a friend, and I see why! Will be recommending to others. Had such a fun time learning!"

Taylor H.

From a student-

"...Portland Drink Lab Academy taught me how to be confident AND competent behind the bar, even on the most complex cocktails. Katherine is a great teacher and knows her stuff!  I highly recommend the course to anyone serious about pursuing a Bartending career..."

Claire C., Portland

From a student-

"Truly a one of a kind experience! Katherine gives you the skill set and confidences needed to become a great bartender. 5 star all the way! 

Andrew B.

​​From a student-

I attended the Portland Drink Lab Academy and had the best time! We were thoroughly trained in all aspects of Bartending ready for a career in Bartending. Katherine has been awesome in obtaining many jobs to help in starting my career, which more than paid for my tuition. I would highly recommend anyone in attending as well as any place of business looking for a well trained and ready to work bartenders. Thanks Portland Drink Lab Academy!!!!!
Denise Bentley 

From a student-

"Highly recommend. Head start to actually starting work in a real bar. Gave me confidence in learning a new trade/skill."

Cindy C.