Hi All!

I got a call from Maria Hollenhorst who works for a Public Radio Broadcast. She is looking for someone to represent the        bartending/hospitality industry with specific criteria. This is not a compensated effort-all voluntary but if you're interested, here is the info she sent me:

I am looking for a few bartenders/servers/cooks/dishwashers or other food workers to speak with who…

  • Work part-time (but only have one job)
  • Identify as Caucasian/white
  • identify as male
  • Do not have a college degree
  • Are between 26-54 years old

 OR who…

  • Work full-time (but only have one job)
  • Identify as Asian/Asian American
  • Identify as male
  • Do not have a college degree
  • Are between 26-54 years old

Right now I’m just looking to have background conversations with a few people to see who might be a good fit for the project. I’m looking for people willing to talk openly and honestly about their job, their life and their personal economy. Anybody who might be interested can reach me at 323-538-2559 or mhollenhorst@marketplace.org. 

If you're interested please contact her directly .

Caitlin after our 2 week course. She rocks the speed test!

There is much more to know about ice and​ shaking method than meets the eye!

 Be inspired! Completely blind, Jesus is making the required drinks called to him on testing day. Having already completed a Rob Roy Up, Rusty Nail, Godfather & Vodka Martini on the rocks, he is in the process of making a Kamikaze and Long Island.