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We teach you how to bartend!‚Äč

See for yourself. The difference in less than 2 weeks is staggering.

(Special thanks to my willing students who allowed me to video their progress.)

Formerly known as 'Portland Bartending Academy'

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Want a career change? Want to earn extra income? Need flexible hours? The solution is easy. In only two short weeks we'll have you on your way to achieving those goals.

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be behind a bar!

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It's easy!

2407 SW 5th Ave.

Portland, OR 97201

  1. Decide which class you'd like to attend (schedule)
  2. Call to register (503.227.0700)
  3. Feel confident that you've made the right decision!

You want to bartend but the truth is, you really don't know how. But we do! We have helped thousands of students accomplish their goals. Time is passing and just thinking about it won't make it happen. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you're passing up. Join our growing family of graduates who are now enjoying the rewards and benefits of this occupation.