Green Tea Mojito

Makes one drink

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
4 large mint leaves (I substituted 1 shiso leaf, torn into several large pieces)
2 teaspoons sugar
Approximately 1/2 cup brewed green tea, chilled
1 ounce white rum

Muddle the lime juice, mint (or shiso), and sugar together in a Collins glass until the leaves bruise lightly and the flavors release. Add ice until glass is about 3/4 full and then pour in rum and green tea. Stir thoroughly.

Be inspired! Completely blind, Jesus is making the required drinks called to him on testing day. Having already completed a Rob Roy Up, Rusty Nail, Godfather & Vodka Martini on the rocks, he is in the process of making a Kamikaze and Long Island.

This site has some fantastic spring cocktail recipes!


Caitlin after our 2 week course. She rocks the speed test!

There is much more to know about ice and​ shaking method than meets the eye!

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